Mini Sandpiper Airplane Kit


Twin Motor Airplane Kit

Wingspan            711 mm (28”)

Wing Area          12.8 dm2 (198.4 in2)

Weight                195 – 210 g (6.87 – 7.4oz)

Wing Loading   15.16 – 16.4 g/dm2 (4.9 – 5.4oz)

Stall Speed        17.7 – 19.3 KPH (11 -12MPH)

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Let’s bring balsa planes back. Well, kinda. Introducing the sub 250g Mini Sandpiper. It’s my favorite plank in the fleet due to its incredible maneuverability and durability. Construction consists of a EPS wing, a laser-cut balsa fuselage that goes together incredibly easy due to its keyed slot design and a TPU nose cone to absorb a head on collision with little or no damage. This traditional balsa construction technique for the fuselage and tail needs a bit of model making skill, but it’s an extremely rewarding process that results in an extremely strong yet light build.

The Mini Sandpiper advantages include wing mounted twin tractor motor design with prop wash over the control surfaces for improved control response, the ability to land without prop strikes, and a hollow fuselage with a battery hatch for all your gear including FC and FPV gear. Don’t forget to try differential thrust to make use of the Sandpiper yaw capabilities as it’s a real blast to swing that tail around an obstacle with the yaw stick. Great for a quadcopter pilot wanting to try a wing.



  • Incredibly maneuverable
  • Phenomenal speed range
  • Effortless inverted flight
  • Perfectly carved turns
  • Highly responsive
  • Quite twin motor tractor design
  • Very efficient design for improved flight time

Kit includes:

  • EPS Wings (CNC cut w/ spar and elevon slots)
  • Laser Cut Balsa Fuselage
  • Laser Cut Balsa Tail Section
  • TPU Fuselage Nose Cone
  • 1.5mm Carbon Fiber Spars (top and bottom)
  • 1.3mm Z Pushrods and Control Horn Linkage
  • Custom Control Horns
  • Building Instructions
  • Kit Box

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