Transparent Heat Shrink Covering Film


Heat shrinkable covering film for smooth, glossy finishes
Length: 2m,
Width: 60cm
Thickness: 0.06mm

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  • Super strong with high tensile strength
  • Lightweight about 100g/m²
  • Puncture- and scratch- resistant
  • Shrinks to a drum-tight finish
  • Fuel-proof, waterproof and provides a high gloss finish
  • Multiple colors to choose from

How to Use:
Please remove the clear protective film off back first before applying the film on to the model.  This film is on the backside  and can be remove using a hobby knife on a corner.  Start by tacking the corners using a lower heat setting (see below) and then tack all the edges. Raise the temperature to the lower range of the shrink range and go over all the edges again before shrinking the center sections.
Please be sure to test your iron’s temperature settings using a scrap piece of wood and film first before working on the model.

Temperature Ranges:

  • Glue is activated between 194F~212F (90℃~100℃)
  • Minimum to maximum shrinkage range is between 284F~320F (140℃~160℃)

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Blue, Yellow, Green