What’s up with Kwadyote:

Kwadyote Dog

A mashup of Kwadcopter and Coyote, the name came about from our dog who we jokingly say is part coyote and like many dogs, has a passion for snatching tinywhoops (a tiny quadcopter) out of the air at any expense.  When I started racing drones in 2017, I needed a pilot name and there it is.

As for me, like most of us, my passion for flight started at a young age with rubber band balsa free flight kits. When I was 12 years old, my parents gave me a Carol Goldberg Electra RC kit as a birthday gift and the seed was planted. Things progressed from there to just about everything radio-controlled.


I’ve built and flown a few of the popular “ready-to-fly” FPV planes and I’ve never been a fan of their speed envelope so I started designing and building my own with a focus on low-speed performance while maintaining good maneuverability.  Some have been a success from the start and others have gone through several iterations.   Here you will find what I believe are some of the best slow-flying proximity aircraft designs capable of carrying HD FPV gear.  Our mindset is to promote the hobby further by allowing pilots to fly in smaller areas without disturbing the passerby walking a dog while still enjoying all the benefits of HD FPV gear. Through our product range, we offer enthusiasts, the kits and accessories needed to explore their community park, a parking lot, or even do some mid-range missions if that’s your thing. 


We pride ourselves on providing quality kits.  Each kit includes the following features:

  • All our foam wing cores are precision-cut using a custom designed and fabricated CNC machine resulting in a highly accurate cut. Each core is inspected and cleaned before going out the door.
  • None of our foam has regrind in it that adds unnecessary weight.
  • Our hard plastics are 3D printed from ABS for their durability and the ability to be solvent welded with acetone for easy repairs.
  • Each kit includes a hard copy of the assembly manual.